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The Joy's Of Nature

Camping has an important part in our culture in Ireland. During the summer many family’s friends take to the road with their tents and camping gear to discover nature. We have many camping parks that are preserved for campers to enjoy with all the requirements and facilities for a comfortable stay. Why in a world that has worked so hard for technological advancement is camping so popular?

One of the most obvious answers to this question is that camping is a traditional national pastime. Kids are raised going on camping trips with their whole family. Many families hold family reunions camping. For fathers and sons camping presents a great opportunity to bond. As we grow up we look back on the memories of our childhood and it always seems that the memories of camping stick out the most. The busy days all seem to merge together, but the days spent out camping in nature stand apart. It is easy to recall your first camping trip. We have memories of looking up into the night sky for the first time, unpolluted by the city lights. The quiet peace of camping allows families to bond. Things that are left unsaid during the daily bustle finally have a chance to be said.

Around campfires parents share stories of their childhood and pass down their own ideas and thoughts on life, the outdoors, and the nature of the universe. While camping timeless folk and ghost stories are shared. It is natural that when camping plays such a strong role in one generation's lives that they share it with the next. Hence the tradition of camping gets passed down through the years. It seems only natural when we grow up that we take our kids camping during the summer just as our parents did with us. As life advances, new technologies come, new fashion and trends emerge that keep kids enthralled, the one thing that stays constant is nature. It is on this common ground while camping that families can come together and relate to each other in a way that just isn't possible at home.

Another reason why people love camping so much is because there is a part of the human spirit that yearns to get back to nature. No matter how many conquests we make in the business, political, and technological world, there is a void in the human soul that can only be filled by nature. Camping is a way to connect with a part of ourselves that gets lost in the busy city. There is a certain sense of belonging in nature that is unique to camping. It is a chance for us to reflect on our life seeing the same land that our forefathers fought so hard for and knowing that the same land will long outlast us. There is a certain feeling of the circle of life while camping.

It is easy to forget in the city that there is such a thing as nature. Everyone is rushing around stressed trying to pay the bills and achieve higher levels of success. Contrasted to that life it is quite remarkable to go camping and to see that in nature everything just works in harmony. There is no rush, no stress, just a sense of being.

Camping is certainly a fun pastime and a strong tradition. It keeps calling people back year after year. Even people that don't necessarily enjoy camping can't argue with the fact that there is something awing about it. While the world around us may change, camping will always remain a much loved experience.

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