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Where Food Remains an Enjoyment

Irish chefs have become more adventurous and many have a greater appreciation of quality Irish produce, Foods that have been ignored for years are being revived and served up in hip cafés and restaurants all over the island, with regional specialities.

You can try a "blaa" (a soft white roll) in Waterford; tuck into an Ulster fry for breakfast; snack on dulse (salty seaweed) in coastal areas; or discover some fried Lough Neagh eel. Then there’s soda bread, potato farls, Irish stew, crab claws and seafood chowder. And that’s not forgetting the potato

Pop into any café, restaurant or pub and you’ll still see traditional Irish dishes on the menu, from a side of rich soda bread to indulgent crab claws, Family hit bacon and cabbage. Tradition is alive and well throughout the island, and in a world where food trends are becoming homogenous, it’s good to know that you can kick back and taste Ireland’s authenticity without any effort at all.

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