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Baby Proof Your Hotel Room

After a long drive, a nice, quiet night in a hotel room sounds perfect. Unfortunately, after that long drive, the toddlers might not see it the same way. If parents don’t want to wake up in a room decorated in Early Baby Wipe with Hotel Shampoo accents, a bit of baby-proofing might be in order before settling down to sleep.

First, take anything that can be opened and sprayed or spilled, like the tiny hotel soaps and shampoos, and move it out of reach. You might leave the bar soaps as a distraction, since a couple of scattered soap bars are a cinch to pick up compared to finger-painting in conditioner. Likewise, move any toxic or messy substances you brought with you out of reach, as well. Check the dresser drawers, too, for things left in the room that could be torn up, or for helpful items like pens and notepads that could be used for redecorating.

Bring along a pack of baby electrical outlet plugs, so that any free electrical outlets can be locked down. Check for lamp power cords that reach out where small fingers can yank on them, and double-check the settings on air conditioners and heaters.

You might consider blocking off a play and sleep area with luggage, depending on the child’s climbing ability. Also, keeping the bathroom door shut at all times might not be a bad idea either. It’s much easier to contain the child before, than clean up after.

Make sure the child can’t open the front door, and if he can, keep it locked from the inside. Make sure that all windows are locked and can’t be opened far enough for toddlers to squeeze through.

A few minutes of forethought should be enough to make sure that every member of the family can spend a safe and comfortable night in the hotel room.

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