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There are many great late night bar's throughout ireland each with thier own style of entertainment, no matter where you are staying there is alway's a great night out to be had just a stones throw away from you.


Cilck on any of the Photo's of the Clubs / Bars you like for full inofrmation about them.



Dublin been the Capital City has some great late bar's and clubs.


here is just a sample of some we believe to be of the very best on offer.


It's nice to look at, there are beautiful people, and there are stunning views of the city. You'll find a strong contingent of D4s, but they're sound for the most part.


Similar to the Black Door though, you'll get a resounding, "Not tonight, mate" if you try to get in past a certain hour.

If you like losing the run of yourself, and want a great cheap night out on Sunday, this is the only show in town.


They have 40% off all drinks on Sundays, can't really go wrong with that can you?

This is a gay club which only opens on Saturday nights, supporting GCN, in Copper Alley on Exchange Street.


Their Facebook states 'Mother takes it back to basics with a retro and

modern synth-pop dancefloor fusion', which in plain English means that while I don't know much of the music they play, it's always great fun and a nice crowd.

This is a Mexican-themed club on Baggot Street that replaced the Baggot Inn. It's designed to be a dance on the tables style venue, with a fake dingy dive bar kind of decor. It seems to be a pretty similar type of set up to Tonteria in London,


Tonteria seems to have queues out the door most nights, so the similarities are certainly not a bad thing.


Mainstream and everyone will have actually heard of the bands playing, but sometimes I like this familiarity.


The downside is that there's usually a huge queue at 2am, when you have more chance of getting into the Playboy mansion than in here,

This is a brief introduction on Irish Licensing laws and Minors on premises selling Alcohol. For full details click on the picture for a more detailed description of Irish Licencing Laws.

Unaccompanied children aged 15 to 17 and accompanied children under 15 may remain in the bar of a licensed premises between the hours of 10:30am (12:30pm on a Sunday) and 9:00pm. During the period from 1 May to 30 September each year, such children are allowed to remain in the bar of the premises until 10:00pm.


Unaccompanied children aged from 15 to 17 and accompanied children under 15 may remain in the bar of the premises after 9:00pm (and after 10:00pm during the period from 1 May to 30 September each year) where they are attending a private function at which a substantial meal is served.


Where the licence-holder feels that a child’s presence in the bar could reasonably be regarded as harmful to a child’s health, safety or welfare, then such a child is not allowed in the bar of that licensed premises, even if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

In a blink-and-you-would-miss-it door on Wellington Quay and down a short stairs.

Busy pace so go early as seating is hard to come by late on, Its easy to see why the place is so popular.

The cocktail and drinks menu is extensive and well put together. Something here for every drinker and if you're not sure what you want the well turned out bar staff give the impression they'd be more than happy to share their expert advice. 
Clientele were a good mix

Cork sees itself as the true Capital, and has some great late bar's and clubs to boast.


Here is just a sample of some we believe to be of the very best on offer.

An Spailpin Fanac

For anyone coming to Cork this old fashioned bar is definitely worth a stop into for a local pint of Murphy’s stout. It’s located down South Main Street, opposite the Cork Brewery. It provides trad music seven nights a week.

If you are visiting Cork midweek, you will be sure to come across some students from the UCC Traditional Music Society in there enjoying a music session. This bar provides something different for anyone visiting Ireland for the first time.

Crane Lane Theatre

It’s all about music at the Crane Lane! They offer free gigs throughout the week and at the weekends. The Crane Lane has a luxurious outside smoking area with heaters, where you won’t miss out on any of the great atmosphere from inside


Be sure to stop at the Crane Lane Theatre on your trip to Cork as you won’t be disappointed. It’s also a late bar and provides music 7 nights a week to its customers.

Havana Browns

For a good nightclub to you have visit, Havana Browns, certainly ticks a lot if not every box!  It’s Cork’s longest running nightclub and a firm favourite with locals

Known for its Monday Club Madness, so if you’ve missed the weekend session with friends, Monday night in Havana Bowns is a must. It boasts a luxury VIP area and four different bars inside, the Lounge, the Library, the red room and the purple bar. head down to Havana Browns, you won’t be disappointed.


Electric is by far the only place to be in Cork on a long summers evening.

They offer the most relaxing outdoor seating area where you can watch the world go by as you sip on an ice cold drink after a long hard day.


South Mall and Cork’s St.Finbarr’s Cathedral offer the perfect backdrop to this fantastic bar. Make sure not to leave without trying their fish bar. Electric pride themselves on being the finest fish bar in Cork and you won’t be disappointed!

Galway the City of Culture, just like any great city Galway also has some great late bar's and clubs and proudly boasts it's Gaelic Music Culture.

on the corner of High St and Cross St is a very popular establishment with the young working crowd. The Front Door Pub is a large but intimate premise in the heart of The Latin Quarter in Galway City.


Discover the five bars and hidden nooks, spread over two floors that is open until 2am every night, has live bands Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and DJs every night, a must for visitors and locals when looking for the perfect pint and a fantastic night out!

on Sea Road: 2 floors, one bar on each of them - ground floor is open to anyone willing to play trad music (and there are usually a lot of musicians there),


while the 1st floor is reserved for musicians 3 nights a week, some well known, some less. It is well worth to cross the bridge and walk the extra 5 minutes to spend an unforgettable evening there. 

Busker Brownes and it was a former convent in the 1600's. It is very impressive and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as being one of the busier night spots.


There is usually a live band every night such as the Black Magic Big band - an 18 piece jazz band that perform every Monday for free.

The Dáil Bar, is another great spot located at the junction of Cross Street and Middle Street, is a focal point for the locals of Galway to gather over a drink and discuss the day’s events, hence the literal meaning of The Dáil.... “a meeting place”.


The Dáil Bar’s location in The Latin Quarter gives visitors the opportunity to experience Galway in full flow,

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