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Entertain Me !!

Guide Me Tourisms Services have developed a strong understanding of the Entertainment needs of our Visitors, we understand the need for families especially to have a full fun packed itinery to keep all happy and occupied. Hoever we also understnd the need for Adults to have some fun and be entertained.


We have a team of highly qualified consultants that plan and customize your entertainment to suit your schedule, your interests and your budget. Your satisfaction is our priority and it is our goal that your experience in Ireland is one that you'll remember for a lifetime. 

On 18th April, 1927, the first greyhound race track was opened in Ireland. This was in Celtic Park, Belfast, and was followed immediately by Shelbourne Park, Dublin one month later. In the same year, tracks were opened at Harolds Cross, Dublin and Dunmore Stadium, Belfast, to be followed in the following year by Cork

Ireland has an extremely diverse food culture spanning all corner's of the world. From our very own dinstinctive Traditional foods from the Land and Sea, right through to the very exotic flovours of of ever changing culture and social developement. 

Executive Tour Service


Our Executive Tour's are designed

aroung you, unlike other's we dont

lay out a set schedule or one tour

for all. Guide Me Executive Tours

are here to serve you the customer,

to visit where you wish to visit, bring

you to the sights you want to see.


Tours can be for a half or full day. We cater our Private Tours throughout Ireland, catering for Individuals, Families, Groups small or large. Our Consultants can offer a vast array of suggestions and you can decide which if any you wish to visit.



No matter where you go in Ireland there are many great late bar's for Dancing, Food, Drinl and Craic.


We have a list of some of the best in our view throughout the country, please note in Ireland the licencing laws are wuite different to continental Europe regrding children on licenced premises further details are also here.

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