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Hotel Management Staff

In collaboration with GWOR Hospitality Limited and Trainetic, Guide Me Ireland presents an innovative solution for hiring management staff in the hotel industry. By partnering with Guide Me, you can eliminate the hassles associated with traditional onboarding and shadowing periods. Guide Me offers seasoned professionals in various management roles, such as Duty Managers, Night Managers, and Night Auditors. The unique aspect of this service is that you do not hire directly, saving you recruitment agency fees and the frustration of scheduling interviews with no-shows.

What We offer


For 8 weeks, Guide Me provides an experienced Manager for your establishment. During this time, you are not responsible for payroll taxes (PAYE/income tax), social insurance (PRSI), or universal social charge (USC). Guide Me covers these expenses for the duration of the agreement. Additionally, holiday and public holiday pay is also not your liability. It is also included. 

After the 8 weeks, if you decide to hire the employee directly, you will compensate Guide Me the equivalent of 1.5 weeks' salary of the employee.       

This cost-effective and time-saving solution is designed to streamline your hiring process and ensure you have the right professionals in place to manage your hotel operations effectively.


Don't hesitate to contact Guide Me at 01-699-1133 to learn more and fill your management positions with confidence immediately.

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