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The drama of our coastline is a magnificent thing to experience from a kayak, no other craft allows you to experience the coast in such an intimate way as on this spectacular safari.


Our Half Day trip is an ideal way for beginners or improvers  to experience the wonders of sea kayaking.


On all our trips, we provide waterproof gear and all equipment needed.


You will enjoy the huge variety of sea birds, kingfishers to name just a few, an experiences that only sea kayaking can offer.


Duration 10/00am - 1.00pm or 2.00pm - 5.00pm

Price: €50 p/p

Using double or single Sea Kayaks, this offshore marine adventure takes us gliding gracefully along the coast. The full day paddle includes a stop off on a remote location, where we have lunch, perhaps with a fresh mackerel caught on the way (depending on the season) which we can barbecue or smoke. Giving yourself the whole day allows you to delve into the experience of sea kayaking. We travel at a meandering pace, allowing the tides to do the work for us. Over the day we cover between 10km - 20km.


This is an unbeatable experience. The full day paddle includes the fun of checking out sea caves and a chance to see some of the off-shore birds and marine life of these waters, including, occasionally, dolphins and whales


Our first hour is familiarising you with the basics of kayaking, Then we begin our adventure.  Singles are available for any one with prior experience.


Day Trip begins at 10am and ends approximately 4pm, and is suitable for all levels. 

Single kayaks are available for people with intermediate experience  (Level 3 or equivalent)


Price: €100 p/p.  inc; Light picnic lunch


Unlike whitewater kayaking, sea kayaking involves paddling across a lake or the sea. When sea kayaking you can expect your adventures to take you fighting choppy seas, island hopping along the coast or perhaps just cruising down along the coastline just beyond the surf. No matter where you go kayaking, you are sure to view some of the most picturesque and unspoiled seascapes in the world.

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